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Our Services


SPANISH LESSONS And much more...

Study Spanish at the beach or the Central Valley - Heredia, Costa Rica with our Language School through our Spanish immersion courses. Learn to surf, speak Spanish, practice yoga, all in one of our beautiful tropical settings at Jaco Beach or Heredia, Costa Rica.


VOLUNTEERING Different areas to choose

Volunteer in Costa Rica with us! We offer a wide range of volunteer projects in Costa Rica, including Turtle Conservation, Teaching English, Childcare Work, Eco-Agriculture Conservation, Healthcare, and more.


ONLINE LESSONS Learn from everywhere

Learn Spanish Online right now with a personal tutor in Costa Rica. ... You can learn Spanish and speak it with confidence because we have live Spanish tutors who will give you personal, one-on-one lessons.


Spanish & Soccer Learn Spanish & practice Soccer

Would you like to learn how to play soccer or practice what you know at the country that was the World Cup Championship revelation team while at the same time learning Spanish? More information in this LINK

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Happy Clients

  • Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience here at Amistad! You have made my very first trip out of the United States so very special and memorable! Your warm energy and positivity are infectious, and I can´t help but be happy around you! Everytime I hear "Umbrella" I will think of you! ***Horacio, Thank you for the amazing dance lessons, and for picking me up at the airport, and for being your wonderful, delightful, happy self! I´m a little bit more Latina because of you! I will miss you dearly! *** Zulma, Alexander, Martha y Marco, It was a joy to get yo know all of you! Thank you all for providing me with such an incredible experience! I´m so very sad to leave Costa Rica, but I am taking so many wonderful memories home with me! I will miss you all! Thank you all for being so awesome!.


    Heather McGowan - USA

  • Everything about my trip to Costa Rica was awesome. All of the Amistad Institute Staff was so friendly and in just 2 weeks we all became great friends. All of the Costa Ricans I met were very kind and welcoming, and I really enjoyed working in the local school playing with the kids and teaching them English (and learning some Spanish myself). I would highly recommend the Amistad Institute to anyone.


    Connor Twohig - Canada

  • My experience with Amistad Institute exceeded all my expectations. They consistently and happily provided me with all the basic information for my weekly travels. More importantly though they made me feel comfortable (which I might add I was extremely thankful for since I was in a radically new environment and alone). My third week there I was the only volunteer left in Campus. I specifically remember one morning when I made my routine trip to the Institute. I was planning to spend my day doing last minute shopping, but I had to stop by first to question Rebecca at what time the next bus to Heredia left. A few minutes later I walked out of the office on my way and with a friend. One of the teachers, hung out with me for the whole day in Heredia so I wouldn't be alone.


    Stephanie Lindquist - UK

  • ¡Mis queridos amigos! ¡Cómo los voy a extrañar! Con solamente dos semanas aquí, siento que estoy dejando un pedazo de mi corazón aquí.I have learned so much. My Spanish has improved, I´ve learned a lot about being a volunteer, and I´ve learned about Costa Rica. I have made many friends - with my family (host), the staff here, and other students. I really support the work you are doing here. And I can´t wait to come back and bring some friends with me.¡Mañana me voy, pero volveré pronto!


    Harlene Bryenton - USA

  • He leído todas las páginas anteriores en este libro y todos hablan de que se sintieron como una familia en este instituto. Solamente quiero asociarme a ello! Aunque estuve aquí por sólo una semana me sentí como parte de una familia desde el primer día. Muchísimas gracias por todo. Cómo me ha gustado tanto quería regresar lo más antes que posible. Un grande beso especial para Azalea que era mi profesora con mucha experiencia! También pude disfrutar de un día de enseñanza de Isaac que me ha gustado mucho! Gracias, hasta pronto!


    Ursula Bruckner Austria